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Choosing the right lawyer is important, Call leading family lawyer Barry Nussbaum in Toronto and his full-service law firm providing services in family law, civil law and criminal law for Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA). We are committed to improving the lives of our clients and providing the best efficient, cost-effective, and quality legal services.

Our Toronto family lawyers best understand that when you are facing a legal matter of any kind in any area of law, it is important to secure expert legal counsel as soon as possible. Barry Nussbaum will not only help protect your rights, but fight for your best interests in any situation.

Barry Nussbaum has a solid record of success as a family lawyer fighting for his clients’ rights. He represents and negotiates for clients in all aspects of family, including divorces, custody, child support, division of family property, and spousal support. He applies his comprehensive experience of combining aggressiveness and compassion in negotiating a fair settlement promptly, and professionally.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce or separation, Barry Nussbaum will make you aware of your legal rights, and what you can do to protect them. He will provide you with sound advice to navigate you through this difficult process.

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  • Father brings motion to wipe out arrears
    Father brings motion to wipe out arrears

    Father brings motion to wipe out arrears, and seeks retroactive support for one child for $10,000. Nussbaum successfully represents the Mother in defeating the father’s motion.

  • Mom moves to Alberta with Child
    Mom moves to Alberta with Child

    Mom moves to Alberta with Child without notifying dad and seeks to have the proceeding adjudicated in Alberta, not Ontario. Nussbaum successfully defends father, and judge rules that Ontario is appropriate jurisdiction – child was removed without father’s consent.

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